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The sporting world has pro athletes, talented coaches, and enthusiastic fans. But did you know that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different types of sports in the world? Yes, there are the obvious ones, such as football, soccer, baseball, etc. But there are even more unique sports out there worth learning about.

It’s no surprise, given how sports can bring humans together. If you’re looking for a new fun sport to get into, or are simply looking for some sporty fun facts, read below to learn more. Who knows, you may just find your new favorite sport.

Toe Wrestling

You’ve heard of arm wrestling, and you’ve probably heard of thumb wrestling, but did you know about toe wrestling? Believe it or not, toe wrestling is a thing. Competitive toe wrestlers lock toes and aim to flatten their opponent’s foot to the floor – much like arm wrestling. 

Toe wrestling came about after four men had a fun night drinking in a pub. Since then, this pub (Ye Olde Royal Oka Inn in Welton) has hosted the annual world championships for toe wrestling.

Gaffelhangen (Pitchfork Hang)

The sport of Gaffelhangen is quite popular in some areas of the Netherlands. Gaffelhangen means Pitchfork Hang, which is more or less what it sounds like. Athletes hang from mounted pitchforks, seeing who can hold on the longest.

Gaffelhangen originated in southern Limburg, where it is still highly practiced. For those who think it strange, consider the American use of monkey bars and similar games played.

Sepak takraw

Next on the list is Sepak takraw, which is somewhat similar to volleyball. However, there’s one key difference between volleyball and Sepak takraw. In Sepak takraw, nobody is allowed to use their hands. Competitors can only use their feet, head, or knees to hit the ball to the other side. That certainly adds to the challenge!

Extreme Ironing

You may hear the phrase Extreme Ironing and think it is a bit of a joke – but it’s a real sport! It was born in 1997, where athletes take ironing boards to extreme locations, such as the side of a cliff, and iron clothing.

Extreme Ironing has the advantage of being a fun sport to watch, thanks to its spectacular and dangerous nature. However, some would argue that it is more an exhibition than a competition.

Ostrich Racing

Ostriches are known for being tough and mean. So it was only a matter of time before they made their way into the world of sports. Ostrich Racing is precisely what it sounds like, a race of ostriches. Riders must saddle up and lead their ostrich around the track like traditional racing. Originally from South Africa, Ostrich Racing is still popular to this day.