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Christian Gallardo


About Christian Gallardo

While he has recently been living in Columbus, Ohio, Christian Gallardo has moved multiple times while pursuing his passion for competitive gymnastics. Christian has been interested in gymnastics for most of his life, competing in high school and with the United States of America Gymnastics program. As a level 10 competitor, he developed advanced skills and became deeply familiar with the long days and high-pressure environment of investing in this sport. During his personal career, Christian earned multiple state and regional qualifications as well as medals in the floor and vault routines.

Christian Gallardo eventually stepped back from his own competitive gymnastics career, but he didn’t leave the sport. He learned firsthand how sports could teach critical life lessons in unique ways and decided he wanted to help other youths benefit from those same lessons and opportunities. With this in mind, he took up coaching in 2005. He started working with young kids at a recreational level in El Paso, Texas, but by 2011 had moved to Ohio to work with elite-level athletes.

Living in Ohio and working with Buckeye Gymnastics, Christian Gallardo grew extensively in his coaching skills and accomplishments. He organized training camps, traveled often with his team, ran clinics, and helped operate one of the largest gymnastic meets in the United States. Coaching at this level, Christian worked with several prominent athletes, including Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas. Other well-known competitors coached by Christian Gallardo include Shania Adams, Shilese Jones, Makarri Doggette, and Nia Dennis.

Throughout his coaching career, Christian Gallardo has proven his ability to handle pressure, stress, and long hours. He has a high level of spotting ability and enjoys helping others develop skills to ensure the safety of the athletes he works with. In recent years, Christian has become more independent in his work. He founded his own gym, Future Gymnastics Academy, as well as a sports business consulting company and a fast-growing sports campus. Christian can reach more athletes through these entrepreneurial endeavors and share his knowledge and expertise with a broader community.

Christian Gallardo values learning above all else, believing that the moment you stop learning, you cap your growth. He enjoys thinking deeply about concepts such as science and technology and is always looking for new ways to grow and develop both personally and professionally. He strives to instill this same value in everyone he works with, helping athletes and team members pursue their full potential through strategic growth and learning.